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Quillco Is Jacksonville’s #1 Screen Enclosure Repair Company.

Since 1989

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    Quillco Is Jacksonville’s Preferred Screen Enclosure Repair Service.

    We have over 30 years of experience repairing screen enclosures, building screened lanais and taking care of people.

    If you have damaged screens from


    • Bugs
    • Pets
    • Children
    • Storms
    • Any other reason
    Then call us and let’s get that screen repaired so you can enjoy your pool or porch without being pestered by insects. A well-maintained screen enclosure keeps the leaves out of your pool, too!

    Why should you choose Quillco to repair, replace or (re)build your screen enclosure?


    We are fast!

    In fact, most screen repairs get done in a day. Your routine won’t beinterrupted too long with Quillco Screen Service.


    We are experienced!

    With three decades and more of repairing and servicing screen enclosure under our belt, we know what we are doing. And that’s just the owner’s experience. Add us all up and there is a century of knowledge and experience repairing screen enclosures in Jacksonville.


    We do it right, at a reasonable price!

    We’ve repaired a lot of screens, but it still tears at our hearts when we have to repair another contractor’s mistakes. But we do, and we do it right, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. The best part is that with the reasonable prices we charge, you won’t find a better value.

    Quillco does way more than just screen enclosure repair services.

    Over the course of 3 decades of service, we’ve grown into experts at servicing all types of screen enclosures like lanais, verandas and pool cages. But we also build these structures, even if you already have part of it built already. In fact, we specialize in completing screened porches, sunrooms and lanais.

    Screened Porches & Lanais

    Screened in porches and lanais are found all around the Jacksonville area. We repair these structures as well as build new and expand or otherwise make them better.

    Screen Enclosure Repair

    Screen enclosures, whether over a pool, garden or other outdoor area (think pergolas and recreation areas) get tears from animals, weather and even trees.

    Pool Cage Repair

    We receive more calls about repairing pool cages than any other screen structure. These are especially vulnerable to storms and pets and need maintenance and repair.

    A 5-Star Screen Repair Testimonial

    Rescreened enclosure this weekend and it looks terrific. The team did professional work from replacing door hardware to screens and spline and ensuring the metal enclosure was secured down again to cleanup. Very polite and timely and wouldn’t hesitate hiring them again.

    Lynnea Maystrick

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      Is this a new build or a repair?

      What do you need us to work on?

      When do you want us to start this project?

      Screen Enclosure Repair FAQ

      You Probably have a few questions. Well, here are a few answers. We’ll answer all your questions on the phone.

      sunroom contractor

      How much does a screen repair cost?

      There are lots of considerations for the cost. How much screen, what type, do you need more stuff repaired like the framing or hardware? Since there are so many factors, we need to chat to get a better idea of what you need.

      The good thing is that we can do this over the phone, especially if you can take a few pictures to text to us. Just give Quillco a call and we’ll get to work.

      There is a $150 base cost, though. Even if you just need 1 small screen repaired.


      How many repairs has Quillco done?

      There have been so many screen repairs we’ve done, numbering in the thousands, that we couldn’t put a definite number her. However, it is telling that so many other screen repair companies come to us for advice and technical know how when they need help.

      Can I talk with the owner?

      Yes! When you call us, 90% of the time you will talk to John Quillen or his brother and co-owner, Matt. On rare occasions we might be unavailable, but you will speak with the office manager. If you need to speak with an owner, we will always take or return your call. That’s part of the good service we offer.